Cookstown, Ontario


Masonry is not a secret society. Everybody knows that the Masonic fraternity exists and no effort is made to hide the fact. It is only the wisdom of Masonry which is hidden, not because it is subtle, but because it is simple. Its secret is profound; not obscure.

In the quiet of the lodge, in an air of reverence and friendship, it teaches us the truth that makes us men, and upon which faith and character must rest.

What is secret in Freemasonry? The method of its teaching, the atmosphere it creates, the spirit in our hearts and the ties it weaves between men. The secret of Masonry, like the secret of life, can only be known by those who seek it. It cannot be uttered, it can only be felt and acted. For that reason no one need be alarmed about any book written to expose Masonry. It is utterly harmless.

The real secrets of Freemasonry cannot be learned by prying eyes or by curious inquiry. The secrets of Masonry can be known only by those who are ready and worthy to receive it. Only a pure heart and honest mind can know it.

If Masonry uses the illusion of secrecy, it is because it knows that it is the nature of man to seek what is hidden. We are seekers after truth and God has so made us that we cannot find the truth alone, but only in the love and service of our fellow man. 

Here is the real secret and to learn it is to have the key to the meaning and joy of life.